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  • Herbal Garden

    The Parker Homestead Herb Garden

    Apart from our quarter acre farm plot, I have a separate space where I am growing a number of herbs for culinary as well as medicinal uses. I am growing 40+ herbs, but this post will focus on about 20 or so of them, and why I am growing them. Echinacea, Garlic, Thyme, and Sweet […]

  • Licorice Root Monograph

    This is the first of many monographs to come. For those of my readers that are not herbalists, a monograph is a detailed written study on a particular subject, and in this case a particular herb. Licorice root has become one of my favorite herbs to use. One particular use of licorice root is as […]

  • Chemistry

    Testing Herbal Remedies

    Whether you are receiving an herbal remedy from a licensed medical herbalist or creating one yourself, you need to always test the ingredients if possible, as well as the herbal remedy itself. “Why,” you may ask? To ensure that you have no extreme allergic reaction. You may be wondering how anyone could be allergic to […]