Senate seeks to Repeal Obamacare Before August Recess

The Senate is working to pass a bill which will replace and repeal Obamacare before their August recess.

I support the repeal of ObamaCare, but not so much of a replacement because mandating health insurance is anti-individual liberty and anti-individual responsibility and therefore, anti-libertarian. Moreover, Obamacare imposes a penalty on those who are not covered. The government has no right to tell hard working people what to do with and how to spend their money. They are already taking a big chunk of your money every pay period leaving you to rely on them for retirement and other benefits instead of leaving it up to you to save for retirement.

As Michael Cannon from the CATO institute has stated, “It’s difficult to know what to expect.”

Source: Washington Examiner

Before lawmakers left town last month for the weeklong Memorial Day recess, Republican leaders said they would begin drafting legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

This week, Senate lawmakers will begin asking to see details on how Senate GOP leaders hope to write a measure that can attract at least 50 Republican votes.

“It’s difficult to know what to expect,” said Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at the CATO Institute, a libertarian think tank.

Affordable health care is needed, and I am sure that majority of Americans would agree and would love to have health care. However, history has proven time and time again, that government involvement continues to take away liberty instead of encourage the pursuit of it.

Obamacare is another example of how the US government gives no regard to the constitution and instead executes absolute power. As the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and our US government is corrupt.

We can only hope that they will come up with a solution that does not include coercion by central authorities. But for those of us who believe in the pursuit of liberty, the only and best solution would be a free market solution.

Joshua Parker

Joshua Parker is a supporter of liberty and believes that freedom is the best policy.

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