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20 plus herbs in the herb garden, and why

Apart from our quarter acre farm plot, I have a separate space where I am growing a number of herbs for culinary as well as medicinal uses. I am growing 40+ herbs, but this post will focus on about 20 or so of them, and why I am growing them.

Echinacea, Garlic, Thyme, and Sweet Everlasting because they are great for the cold & flue season and have been used in my house in some combination from time to time.

Borage because it is an adaptogen, can be used as a poultice for inflammation and great for bees.

Fenugreek and Horehound for diabetes.

Narrowleaf Plantain because I live in an area where we have lots of bees, wasps and snakes. (Don’t have for my garden at the moment but would love to have.)

Yarrow because it can be combined with mint for colds.

Wormwood because it enhances the immune system, is anti-parasitic and helps with bad breath.

Rue because sometimes I get tired eyes especially in the summer and also get headaches from eye strain from time to time.

Marjoram along with Thyme, Mint and Wormwood as a mouth wash or breath freshener.

Hyssop because it is good for cold sores.

Chamomile for insomnia.

Catnip for emotional issues and for our cats.

Lavender for high blood pressure and migraines.

Calendula which is good for immune system.

Sage for throat issues.

Anise tea or syrup is a great expectorant.

Caraway soothes the digestive tract.

Do you have a herb garden? If not, I encourage you to start one. In the comments, share with me what herbs you growing and why or what is your favorite herb and why.

Written by Joshua Parker

My name is Joshua Parker, and I am a Lifestyle Coach for the DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) as well as a community herbalist working towards becoming a medical herbalist.

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