Living Minimally

When I returned from my two week cross country trip a few years ago, I promised that I would be blogging about my experiences and what I’ve learned, but I was inundated with life and did not have much time for blogging. So, I have a lot to cover in this post, which means it is going to be long but bare with me. First, I want to start off with what I learned or what I was reminded of during those two weeks.

One thing I knew from the start is that I am a bit of a vagabond. I like to be adventurous and get up and go without having any type of baggage or restraints. But what I learned was *how* much I loved and missed it. Furthermore, I learned that having all you need in one bag felt somewhat freeing. For those two, glorious weeks, the every day life was lifted from my shoulders, and I could be free to meet new people, hear their stories and their struggles, take in the sheer beauty of God’s creation, and more. When the two weeks were over, and I returned to Boston, it was back to the grind.

Unfortunately, when I returned, I wasn’t in the same frame of mind I was in when I was traveling because I was not only returning back to my everyday life, but at that moment I was also dealing with an unknown health issue. Therefore, I was busy making doctor’s appointments, having x-rays done, and also seeing a specialist. All I could see at that moment was my health issue and figuring out how to deal with it. What I had experienced was placed on the back burner and really wasn’t in the mood to share my experiences.

Now fast forward a few years. My health is in great shape, I changed my diet, and I am no longer on medication. Since my health no longer weighed heavily on my mind, I began to reminisce about my cross country trip and began to remember the conversations I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the beautiful countryside I was blessed to see and experience. And I was also once again reminded about how freeing it was to have one bag with everything that I need.

A few months back, I came across an article about the small house or tiny house movement. I was very intrigued and thought, “that sounds like me.” There are people who are downsizing their house and living simplified lives. To be honest, I would be happy with a small cabin near a lake way back in the woods somewhere. That is my kind of living. However, I am not there yet. But what I had been doing in the past few months was downsizing my necessities by buying travel sized shampoos, conditioners, and any thing that could fit in a zip lock bag. Then a few weeks ago, I came across another article entitled, A New Memoir About What Happens When You Get Rid of All Your Stuff. I read through it and thought, “yes, this is where I am at.”

About a month or so ago my roommates and I received word from our landlord that she was not renewing our lease and that we had to be out in about 36 days or so. Even though this would be cause for alarm, I was pretty much at peace with the news. My trust was in God. After getting over the initial shock, I thought, “this would be a great time to start minimizing my life.” I thought about it, but placed it in the back of my mind and focused more on finding a new apartment.

When it came to the point where I felt we were not going to find a new place before our move out date, the thought that I tucked away was now coming to the forefront. It is time to start putting this living minimally philosophy into place. In just a few days time, I gave away furniture on craigslist and kitchenware and clothes to goodwill. I was on my way to start living with less stuff and less baggage. I still have quite a bit of stuff securely tucked away in a storage unit, but eventually, it will get smaller and smaller.

So then, once  I am settled in my new place in July, I will have only a minimal amount of clothes, one suit, my work computer, a sleeping bag, and maybe an air mattress but haven’t decided yet. I know some of my friends will have a lot of questions about my new move and some will think that I am even crazy. But think about it. If I have all that I need to live and survive, why then should I be bogged down with a lot of unnecessary stuff? I am tired of living the commercialized life, and I desire to live more simply.

I hope to be blogging more often, so feel free to follow along on my new journey. If you have any questions, concerns, or whatever, feel free to ask and I will answer them honestly. Blessings!